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Income Supports

Participation in the programmes will not create an entitlement to receive any income support payment from the Department of Social Protection.

However, the Department of Social Protection (DSP) has confirmed that DSP clients who are at least nine months in receipt of jobseekers benefit or jobseekers allowance may be supported to undertake one of the programmes under a bespoke version of the Back to Education Allowance (BTEA). This will allow retention of income support while pursuing a full-time course of study. Eligible DSP customers who are accepted on a course should immediately contact their local social welfare office to complete a modified BTEA form called BTEA-ICT Skills Programme 2013, which will facilitate those who are entitled, to transfer to BTEA payment. The form can be downloaded from here. Participation on periods of work experience which are identified as an integral part of the course may also be pursued and supported under BTEA.

If you are in receipt of other forms of income support from DSP such as One Parent Family payment or an illness payment you should contact the relevant scheme area to confirm if you may retain your income support under the back to education allowance scheme while pursuing a course under this initiative. For example those in receipt of a Disability Allowance should contact the Disability allowance section.

If you are signing for social welfare credits you may be eligible to apply for the programme but you will not be eligible for a payment under the BTEA scheme.


The normal BTEA criteria of progression in education does not apply to courses under this targeted intervention. In order to satisfy the qualifying period of nine months or 234 days on the Live Register, consideration may be given to a customer who meets the 234 days condition on JA/JB out of the previous 12 months at the start date of the course.

Periods spent on JobBridge, Back to Education Allowance, VTOS, full time FÁS/Fáilte Ireland Training courses, Youthreach, Community Employment Schemes, TUS, the Rural Social Scheme, Back to Work Scheme, Back to Work Enterprise Allowance, Job Initiative or Job Assist may count towards meeting the eligibility for BTEA-ICT Skills Programme 2013, provided the customer has completed the Scheme/Programme in question and returned to the Live Register.

Decisions in relation to income support are a matter for Department of Social Protection. All queries in relation to entitlements should be directed to your local Intreo Centre or Social Welfare Local Office.